Membership is $50.00 per annum or $25 if you join after June 30 in any year.

Our members enjoy:

  • A great way to have fun and acquire new skills, be creative, learn about new subjects and make new friends.
  • Access to as many classes as you choose. (Sometimes materials are extra.)
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.
  • A quarterly Newsletter.
  • Option to join the other U3As in our region at $10.00 p.a. extra.

New members: Fill out your membership form online, click here.

Existing members: Login or update your details here.

If you are already a member you can easily sign up for new courses online by clicking here. Sign in with your Member ID and your password. Our volunteers at the office will be happy to assist you with signing in.

Detailed instructions on how to join, renew your membership, and enrol are available in our user guide.

If you have any questions about joining us, our courses, or volunteering, use our contact page or call our office.

Other U3As in our region

For more information regarding what classes are on offer in the participating U3As contact our office.

When you take a “combined” membership (at $10 extra p.a.) you gain access to the additional wealth of classes that are run in our adjacent U3As.

Always contact the relevant U3A to be sure the class is still on.