Terms and Conditions:


  • should participate in all U3A activities in a friendly, cooperative, and positive way.
  • must NOT attend a U3A class or other activity if they:
    • Are unwell with Covid/Flu like symptoms such as cough, sore throat, feeling short of breath, headache, or fever.
  • Have not enrolled in the class or activity or have not had that enrolment confirmed (to ensure that attendance does not exceed the capacity of the venue).
  • must let the office or class leader know if they are unable to attend a class. After three consecutive unexplained absences from a class, your place may be offered to a member waiting to join.
  • ensure that they advise U3A Upper Yarra of any changes to their personal details as given overleaf including emergency contacts.
  • need to be aware of their own limitations and to take responsibility for their own participation when choosing physical activities.
  • Should wear their current membership badge when attending classes – this is a quick way for others to access your emergency contact details if needed.