The committee would like to give you an update regarding what may be happening next year to our u3a and what classes may be running.
Firstly, I would like to explain what will be changing regarding your membership. The Committee decided to roll over all existing 2020 members to 2021 without the payment of a subscription. This was supported unanimously by all attendees to the AGM and all proxy votes.
The nature of the data base determines exactly how this will occur. The easiest most accurate way is to extend your existing 2020 subscription for a calendar year. This means you will be a paid up member until the end of 2021. Also you will remain in all the classes you were in during 2020. If there are any classes you wish to leave you will need to opt out by using the website or by email as we don’t know what physical access we will have to the office and therefore the phone.
If you wish to join another class you can and you may do that on line or via an email to the office. There will obviously be no charge for any extra classes.
If you need to speak to someone about classes, please wait until after the Christmas / New Year break when we hope to have access to a mobile phone – details will be sent out as soon as we can.
Secondly, we don’t know which classes will actually be running or what format they will take. We are constrained by the venues we use. Therefore, outside classes may be able to go ahead subject to Government health restrictions around mask wearing and physical distancing etc. For example Bush Walking, Pole Walking, Health through Fun and Fitness, Bowls and Limestone Carving may be able to go ahead in the first term. Some inside classes may be able to be held outside while the weather is good.
Classes which are held in venues such as the CFA rooms, Council rooms, and St Marys Church will only be able to be run when the owners of the venues allow it and we may be under strict rules regarding the number of people in the room and the length of time a class can take. Class member names and times of occupation of the room must be accurately recorded. There is also the problem of Covid cleaning which is a huge impost on the members of our u3a as we must abide by Health Department rules at all times. We also ask you not to attend classes if you are not well and have symptoms such as fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose or loss of sense of smell. We want to keep all our members safe so we can continue our classes.

We will keep you posted.